The Happy  Clam  started  in  1975  in  the  building  that  now  houses “Renatos” in Downtown Fredericksburg, and continued in Colonial Beach until 2003, when Hurricane Isabel destroyed the property. After a brief stint in another Colonial Beach location, the owners decided to return to the Fredericksburg area. As a  stroke  of  luck  an  old  Fredericksburg  traditional  seafood  location became available, Barefoot Greens.  Here in the 1940s Arthur Barefoot, being of waterman fame, began to sell his fresh caught fish, oysters and crabs. In that tradition of fresh seafood the owners decided to utilize the wonderful fresh bounties of our rivers and streams, coupled with locally grown produce providing a fresh traditional product. We work hard to ensure the freshness of our food. RELAX and ENJOY the bounty of our area cooking in a traditional Southern manner.